CSI Laboratories Partnership with Avalon Healthcare Solutions to Benefit Patients in South Carolina

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CSI Laboratories today announced that they have entered into a service agreement with Avalon Healthcare Solutions, a laboratory benefits coordinator. This new partnership will make CSI an in-network provider of specialized cancer diagnostic services for most of South Carolina payers utilizing Avalon’s services.

Patients in South Carolina with insurance plans contracted with Avalon will now have access to CSI’s expert medical diagnoses, rapid turnaround times, and quality-based testing services. Hospitals, along with pathologists and oncologists, will also greatly benefit from CSI’s newfound partnership with Avalon Healthcare Solutions. “We had often found that due to insurance constraints, some healthcare providers were unable to send their patients’ specimens to us, even when they preferred our services over another laboratory. This partnership now opens the door for those physicians to use our services without concerns that claims may be denied or take longer to process due to using a non-participating provider,” says CSI Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Aaron Ginsberg. The in-network status will also provide patients with cost savings. “As an in-network provider, the financial burden on these patients will be limited, allowing them to get more out of their health insurance plan,” says Fern Johnson, CSI’s Vice President of Finance.

By providing services to Avalon contracted payers, CSI seeks to introduce its unique patient-centric testing approach to as many physicians and clinicians in the Carolinas as possible.  “We know we have a superior method for how we perform the testing and how we handle the patients,” says Mr. Ginsberg. “It is just a matter of reaching those healthcare providers, and we think the partnership with Avalon Healthcare Solutions will help us do just that.”