C•Tech - Tech Only Products

To help you expand your practice with confidence, CSI has developed C•TECH, a comprehensive suite of tech-only products, which utilizes the latest laboratory technologies to efficiently provide you with data and reporting tools necessary to meet demands and grow your practice.


CSI’s tech-only flow cytometry offers a 10-color platform, making it one of the most advanced flow cytometry testing services on the market today. C•Flow allows for better utilization of smaller specimens by providing more data per tube, enabling you to better manage downstream testing.

  • Data is presented consistently and comprehensively for each cell lineage, per good laboratory practice
  • Color mapping for abnormal populations allows for quantification and comparison to normal phenotypes
  • Large cells are always presented for B & T cell abnormalities


CSI’s exclusive tech-only FISH product, C•FISH, offers unique advantages like on-screen cut-off ranges for heme cases, comprehensive image gallery with up to 300 images per case, and our HER2 system allows users the ability to sign out both breast and non-breast cases – all with on-screen reference tables.

  • C•FISH Heme Probe Reference Guide provides prognostic information for each signal pattern
  • Ability to reflex C•IHC cases to C•FISH for HER2 testing without sending in additional slides
  • On-screen cut-off ranges and scoring information for heme and solid tumor cases


CSI’s tech-only immunohistochemistry processing provides over 225 of the highest quality antibodies and stains. For your convenience, C•IHC can be employed in several different ways to ensure you get the data in a format that works for you.

  • Interpret tech-only glass slides
  • View high-resolution images via e.CSI
  • Score breast markers via CSI’s digital pathology platform