Cytogenetics is the process of analyzing chromosomes for numerical and structural abnormalities.  Identification of the particular chromosomal abnormality aids in the diagnosis and treatment decisions for patients with cancer. The benefit of conventional cytogenetics is the ability to view the entire chromosome complement. Chromosome analysis of leukemias, lymphomas, and solid tumors often reveals otherwise undetectable chromosome abnormalities that might alter the diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutic approach.

The cytogenetics team at CSI Laboratories provides a full range of cancer cytogenetic services. The laboratory is staffed by highly skilled cytogenetic technologists who work in CSI’s centralized laboratory.  All specimens are handled with the utmost care and all findings are coordinated with applicable flow cytometric and morphologic results.  More specifically, we provide:

  • Chromosomes analysis of leukemias, lymphomas, and solid tumors
  • Use of specific mitogens to simulate B-cell and T-cell lymphomas
  • Children’s Oncology Group approved laboratory
  • Abnormality detection rate greater than 20%

What makes our cytogenetics different?


CSI Laboratories’ cytogenetic laboratory is approved by the Children’s Oncology Group to perform cytogenetic analysis of pediatric oncology specimens. The approval process for COG requires that laboratories seeking initial or continued approval, exhibit a cytogenetic abnormality detection rate of at least 55% for the samples submitted.  During CSI’s recent continued approval process with COG, CSI produced an abnormality detection rate of 100%, while the average abnormality detection rate for participating COG laboratories was 77.1% for Jan-Dec 2015.  This means CSI is identifying abnormalities that other labs aren’t finding.  This above average abnormality detection rate is just one example of what sets CSI apart from the competition.

  • The use of mitogens in cytogenetic cultures

The use of specific mitogens to stimulate B-cell and T-cell lymphomas, as well as plasma cell neoplasia samples, consistently provides CSI with reliable and informative cytogenetic results while many other laboratories have difficulty with these types of samples.