FISH Alternative Assessment Program

What is CSI’s FISH Alternative Assessment Program?

CSI offers the Alternative Assessment Program for clients who are performing and billing for the interpretation component of FISH cases. This program is meant to assist clients in satisfying the necessary College of American Pathologists (CAP) Checklist Requirements for the twice-yearly performance of alternative assessments for the interpretation-only component of FISH cases.

(For more information on the CAP Checklist Requirements, please visit

What testing methodology is covered by the program?

 The FISH panels/probes available for assessment are:

Hematologic FISH          Panels: CLL/SLL, Mantle Cell, CML, MPN, MDS, Myeloma, AML

                                           Probes: BCR-ABL1 (9;22), IGH-BCL2 (14;18), IGH-CCND1 (11;14)

Solid Tumor FISH           HER2

Is there a fee to participate to in the program?

In order to offer our clients a compliant, high-quality program, we do assign an annual fee of $99 per account when you register. The charge is per account, not per provider, so multiple providers from a single account may register under the annual charge.

How do I register to participate in the program?

You will need to send a registration request to CSI’s Quality Department at

When can I perform the assessment?

The FISH Alternative Assessment Program is available for completion two times a year. Based on when you register, you will receive assessment cases in your e.CSI account according to the timetable below.

Alternative Assessment Registration Time Table

If you sign up …
Before April 1 Assessment cases will be available in April
After April 1 and before October 1 Assessment cases will be available in October

How will I perform the assessment?

Three assessment cases will be deposited into your e.CSI account during the first week of April or October, respectively. You should review the data and case information in the same way that you would a live case. You will have until April 30 and October 31, respectively, to complete your assessment and document your interpretation of the cases. Documentation, review, and critique of the materials are your responsibility. If you are utilizing this alternative assessment program to satisfy CAP requirements, please note that it is the responsibility of the laboratory director to define such alternative assessment procedures and the criteria for successful performance in accordance with good clinical and scientific laboratory practice.

When will I receive the results?

The CSI Results Summary will be mailed out the first week of May and November, respectively. The Results Summary will be mailed to the mailing address that was provided during the registration process.

It is important to note that should you have any discrepancies between your interpretation results and CSI Laboratories’ interpretation results, the following steps are recommended:

  1. Document the disparity in accordance with CAP regulations for alternative assessments. Documentation could include review, discussion with colleagues, and corrective action to guide future results to be in consensus.
  2. If desired, you may contact the CSI Quality Department to discuss the results with a member of the CSI medical team. If CSI is contacted, the contact and resulting discussion points should be part of the assessment evaluation documentation.

If you have any questions regarding the FISH Alternative Assessment Program, please contact your local Territory Sales Specialist or the CSI Quality Department at or 678-319-3325. Please note that participation in CSI’s Alternative Assessment Program is not compulsory. To cancel your registration, please contact CSI’s Quality Department.