FISH (Fluorescence In-Situ Hybridization) is a test that maps the genetic material and allows pathologists to view and isolate specific genes or portions of genes. It aids in the detection of chromosome abnormalities.

FISH testing can detect cryptic or variant rearrangements involving specific chromosomes loci and is often performed on uncultured cells.  Thus, even if attempts to culture the cells for routine cytogenetics have failed, FISH can be performed to aid in diagnosis.

At CSI Laboratories, we provide:

  • FISH Manager – which allows pathologists performing tech-only FISH to view images, easily interpret signal patterns, and intuitively build report tables
  • Extensive probe and panel menu for hematology and solid tumor cases/assays
  • FISH reflex algorithms to guide additional diagnosis and/or prognosis
  • Genius Multiple Myeloma Assessment Protocol (MMAP) for plasma cell neoplasms

CSI Laboratories also offers:

  • Comprehensive image gallery with up to 300 images per case
  • On-screen cut-off ranges and scoring information for heme and solid tumor cases
  • Heme Probe Reference Guide with prognostic information for each signal pattern
  • One-Click reporting with intuitively built tables and macros
  • Reflex algorithms to guide additional testing

Genius MMAP

Multiple Myeloma Assessment Protocol (MMAP) is a specialized process utilizing flow cytometry, FISH, and cytogenetic testing to provide diagnostic and prognostic information for plasma cell neoplasms. The MMAP protocol utilizes a CD138 enrichment process to isolate plasma cells necessary for FISH testing.