e.CSI Client Portal
Our secure client portal, e.CSI, gives clients instant access to patient information, history, case status, concurrent testing, and test results. Users can easily customize their worklists and notifications to optimize workflow. Add additional testing with the click of a button, eliminating time consuming authorizations. For clients that are trained to use CSI tech-only platforms, e.CSI provides a virtual portal into the laboratory. Flow, FISH, and eSlide Manager are all accessed in e.CSI and enable clients to quickly analyze and report test data.

e.MERGE Reporting™
Within e.CSI there is a secure, web-based reporting system that merges our expertise and results with yours. e.MERGE Reporting gives our clients a user-friendly way to create consolidated, single-page patient summaries and features unprecedented customization capabilities. The e.MERGE Reporting system displays the top-line interpretations from each of the technologies performed by CSI Laboratories. Then clients add their own content and final diagnosis – all in one online system.