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CSI Laboratories is a leading cancer testing and diagnostics laboratory trusted by pathologists, oncologists and community hospitals throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean. For more than 24 years, our laboratories have employed advanced testing methods and a collaborative approach to deliver insightful results and rapid turnaround times.

CSI provides a full complement of cancer testing under one roof, including Flow, Cytogenetics, FISH, IHC, and Molecular services.

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Test Services

Flow Cytometry

CSI uses 10-color flow cytometry - a sophisticated method for providing diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of malignancies with a relatively small sample size. With our skilled flow technicians and hematopathologists, we are quickly able to identify emerging abnormalities and perform rare event analysis of patient-specific aberrant immunophenotypes.

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CSI Laboratories offers an extensive menu of FISH probe panels and individual probes to precisely isolate and identify genetic alterations in solid tumor and hematological cancers. Our clients have come to rely on our advanced FISH cancer testing as an invaluable diagnostic tool that can detect and confirm chromosome abnormalities and can help predict a chemotherapeutic outcome.

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With a complete array of more than 300 Immunohistochemistry (IHC) panels and individual stains for this diagnostic and prognostic resource, CSI Laboratories consistently delivers some of the best stains in the industry.

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Long the cornerstone of genetic testing, cytogenetics analyzes the entire chromosome set for numerical and structuralabnormalities such as genetic additions, deletions and translocations. Identification of each abnormality aids diagnosis and treatment decisions for cancer patients.

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PCR, NGS and Sanger qualitative and quantitative analysis of hematopoetic and solid tumors.

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For those tests that have both a professional and technical component (TC/PC) CSI Laboratories offers split services where CSI performs the sample preparation and test processing, and our client pathologists perform the professional interpretation.

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Sometimes you have questions that go beyond the test results. Perhaps it’s a difficultto diagnose case or a complex analysis, or perhaps you need an additional opinion about follow-up testing--our team’s primary focus is on client communication and the best patient care.

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What People Are Saying About CSI

I wanted you to know and maybe pass it on to whoever might need to know, we have dealt with Client Services and they are ALWAYS ready to help and are very responsive. Our representative is a jewel to work with.
Dr. H. needed a report STAT and your team made sure we got it. That is not unusual, but I just thought y’all should know what a great client services team you have.

Dr. C.B., Kansas

Please pass along to the folks in IHC that they did an excellent job on case X. They got me 4 immunostains out of tissue that was literally the size of a pin-point.

Dr. N.S., Indiana

With CSI, we have basically no issues, whatsoever! We are very pleased with the service we are getting.

Dr. S.I., Georgia

Since working with CSI, we’ve seen a normalization in testing volumes for large, costly molecular tests, and your turnaround times continue to be excellent.

Dr. R. A., Florida

I had a STAT case of suspected APL that came in on a Friday afternoon. CSI was able to provide an initial diagnosis by 3 pm Saturday and a confirmation by Saturday evening at 7 pm. Your lab really does whatever it takes to support their clients. Great service!

Dr. M. S., Puerto Rico