Test Method


CPT Codes

88233, 88262

Test Description

This test examines amniotic fluid or non-neoplastic tissue to identify chromosomal abnormalities. The test includes culturing and analysis up to 45 cells and two karyotypes.

Specimen Requirements

  • Fresh Tissue: Multiple 2-3 mm pieces of tissue in RPMI transport media (optimum RPMI to tissue ratio is 15:1; (multiple vials are acceptable)
  • Body Fluids: Mix 1:1 in RPMI transport media
  • Cord Blood: 2-5 mL in sodium heparin (green top)

Storage & Transport

Ship specimen the same day whenever possible, with refrigerated (not frozen) cold pack.

Label all tubes with at least two unique patient identifiers. Identifiers include name, DOB, specimen ID# or medical record#.

Turnaround time

14 Days (POC tissue)

Level of Service