Test Method


Disease Long Name

Bladder Carcinoma

Disease Abbreviation

Bladder Cancer

CPT Code

88120 (Global)
88120TC (Tech-only)

Probes / Test Description

The UroVysion Bladder Cancer Screening Kit provides a FISH probe mixture that includes centromeric probes for chromosomes #3, #7 and #17 and a unique sequence probe for the p16 gene (located at 9p21).
Bladder Cancer FISH [CEP3/CEP7/CEP17/(9p21)CDKN2A]

Specimen Requirements

  • Minimum of 33 mL voided urine or bladder washing mixed 2:1 with preservative (Preservcyt© or Carbowax™).

Storage & Transport

Sample should be stored in refrigerator (4o C) until it is packaged for transport and sent for processing within 24 hours of collection . Sample should be shipped with ice packs. Urine samples should not be shipped or stored at temperatures above 25 degrees C and should be processed within 48 hours of collection.

Turnaround time

3 - 5 days

Level of Service