Test Method


CPT Code

88342 x 1
88341 x 1

Stains / Test Description

This antibody is directed against a type II cytokeratin protein expressed by most ductal, glandular and transitional epithelia. Cytokeratin 7 exhibits a cytoplasmic localization. This antibody may be used to aid in the identification of normal and neoplastic cells of ovary, lung and breast epithelial origin which express Cytokeratin 7, and those of colonic and prostate epithelial lineage which lack Cytokeratin 7 production.

Specimen Requirements

(1) H&E slide with formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue, fixed with 10% NBF.
One (1) unbaked, unstained slide for H&E staining (required) and two to three (2-3) positively charged unstained slides (all cut at 4 microns) for each test/antibody ordered

Block and slide identifiers should be clearly written and match exactly with the specimen ID and specimen labeling as noted on the requisition.

Storage & Transport

Ship specimen same day (whenever possible) with refrigerated (not frozen) cold pack

Turnaround time

1-3 days depending on level of service

Level of Service

Global (with interpretation)
Slide Only (glass slides only)
Web-Enabled (glass and digital images through eCSI portal)