Test Method


CPT Code

88342 x 1
88341 x 1

Stains / Test Description

This test detects amplifications of the MDM2 gene for classification of certain adipocytic tumors. MDM2 gene amplifications may appear microscopically as ring chromosomes, giant marker chromosomes, and double minutes. MDM2 amplifications are frequently detected in well-differentiated liposarcoma, which includes atypical lipomatous tumor (ALT/WDLS), and in dedifferentiated liposarcoma (DDLS). These tumors can be difficult to distinguish morphologically from other high-grade sarcomas and benign tumors. Amplifications are detected infrequently in other soft tissue sarcomas, and are not detected in benign lipomas. Drug targeting of MDM2 is an active area of clinical research.

Specimen Requirements

(1) H&E slide with formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue, fixed with 10% NBF.
One (1) unbaked, unstained slide for H&E staining (required) and two to three (2-3) positively charged unstained slides (all cut at 4 microns) for each test/antibody ordered

Block and slide identifiers should be clearly written and match exactly with the specimen ID and specimen labeling as noted on the requisition.

Storage & Transport

Ship specimen same day (whenever possible) with refrigerated (not frozen) cold pack

Turnaround time

1-3 days depending on level of service

Level of Service

Global (with interpretation)
Slide Only (glass slides only)
Web-Enabled (glass and digital images through eCSI portal)