Easy test ordering

Below you will find our requisition forms. To order a supply of forms for your laboratory, please contact us and one of our client service representatives will assist you.

If you prefer, you can use the form-fillable requisition pdf below. Please remember that you must make three copies: Two will accompany the specimen to CSI, and one copy should be retained for your records.

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As medical care and its associated billing becomes increasingly more complex, CSI Laboratories is committed to transparency in our billing processes. With the excellent customer service that is our hallmark, we try to make our billing process as convenient as possible. Should you have any questions, simply contact a member of our dedicated billing services team at 800-274-2158.

Billing Services

We send itemized invoices for each specimen completed during the month. All invoices include the date of service, patient name, accession number, test(s) performed, and test fees so you can easily understand the charges.

Prior Authorizations

Prior authorization for advanced diagnostic testing is becoming increasingly common. Several benefit providers now require physicians who order certain advanced diagnostics to obtain prior authorization before testing is performed. In these cases, we require clients to include prior authorization information on the requisition when ordering tests. Requisitions received without proper prior authorization information may cause a delay in the billing process.

Should you have questions about the submission of prior authorization information, please contact your local sales representative.

Patient Bills

On occasion, patient insurance does not cover the full amount of the bill. This may happen when a patient has not met their annual deductible, or if the service is not covered under the patient’s policy. Certain molecular tests are not covered under some Medicare, Medicaid or commercial group insurance contracts. If you are a physician or patient who has a question about a statement or invoice from CSI Laboratories, please contact our billing services team at 800-274-2158. We are here to help.

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Client Portal

Real-time access to results

CSI’s easy-to use online tools provide you with a secure client portal that you can use to view test results, sign out cases (for approved TC clients) and direct downline testing. Our laboratories deliver rapid turnaround times for tests that support accurate patient diagnoses. By providing secure, online access to our data, we provide transparency and empower you with the information you need rapidly.

e.CSI Client Portal

e.CSI gives clients secure access to patient information, case history, case status, concurrent testing, and test results. Clients can easily customize worklists and notifications to optimize workflow, and add additional testing with the click of a button, eliminating time-consuming authorizations.

For clients trained to use our tech-only platforms, e.CSI provides a virtual portal into the laboratory. Flow, FISH, and eSlide Manager are all accessed in e.CSI and enable clients to quickly analyze and report test data.

e.MERGE Reporting

Our secure, web-based reporting system (found within e.CSI) blends our expertise and results with yours. e.MERGE Reporting provides a user-friendly way to create consolidated, single-page patient summaries and features unprecedented customization capabilities. The e.MERGE Reporting system displays top-line interpretations from each of the technologies performed by CSI Laboratories and allows you to add your own content and final diagnosis all in a single online system.

Quality & Compliance

A commitment to quality

Quality & Compliance

CSI Laboratories uses extensive proficiency training programs and quality control measures to ensure all specimens are handled with the utmost care. Our lab follows a rigorous chain of custody protocol from accessioning to reporting, and our medical team and laboratory technicians receive rigorous training on an ongoing basis. Senior management, operations, and quality assurance teams monitor technical results, turnaround times, and test performance indicators across all laboratory services.

Accreditation & Licensure

Our laboratories fully comply with all regulatory agency guidelines and regulations governing laboratory testing services. In addition to many state agencies, CSI Laboratories is College of American Pathologists (CAP) accredited, Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) certified, and approved by the Children’s Oncology Group.

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