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Alcian Blue + PAS
Special stain. The combination of the alcian blue and the PAS techniques can be used as a means of distinguishing neutral mucins from acid mucins. In most protocols, sections are stained with the standard alcian blue (pH 2.5) method followed by the PAS technique. The combined application of alcian blue and PAS is useful for several reasons, including changes in the distribution or pattern of expression of neutral and acid mucins that are indicative of certain pathological conditions
Alcian Blue Stain (pH 2.5)
Special stain. Alcian blue (pH 2.5) is a special stain that can identify sulfomucins and sialomucins.
The ALK1 antibody is used to identify anaplastic large-cell lymphomas (ALCL) that are ALK positive by labeling normal human ALK protein and the NPM-ALK chimeric protein.
ALL – Ph-Like
CRLF2-Breakapart, ABL2 (1q25.2), PDGFRB-Breakapart, JAK2-Breakapart, ABL1, CSFR1 (5q32), EPOR (19p13.2)
Alpha-1-Antitrypsin (A-1-AT)
Alpha-1-Antitrypsin (AAT) is useful in the study of inherited AAT deficiency, benign and malignant hepatic tumors and yolk sac carcinoma. Sensitivity and specificity of the results have made this antibody a useful tool in the screening of patients with cryptogenic cirrhosis or other forms of liver disease with portal fibrosis of uncertain etiology.
AML – Panel 1
[t(15;17)/PML-RARA, t(8;21)/RUNX1T1-RUNX1, inv16/CBFB-Breakapart, KMT2A(MLL)-Breakapart
*IF gain of RARA, REFLEX TO: RARA-Breakapart
AML – Panel 2
[5q/EGR1, 7q/CEP7, CEP8, 20q, RB1-LAMP1, KMT2A(MLL)-break-apart, t(9;22)/BCR-ABL1]
AML – Panel 3
[5q/EGR1, 7q/CEP7, KMT2A(MLL)-break-apart, t(8;21)/RUNX1T1-RUNX1, inv16/CBFB-break-apart, t(9;22)/BCR-ABL1]
AML – Panel 4
[t(8;21)/RUNX1T1-RUNX1, inv16/CBFB-break-apart, KMT2A(MLL)-break-apart]