CSI Laboratories has expanded our tech-only FISH services for hematopathology and solid tumors. Our newest tech-only tests include:

  • B-ALL Panel
  • Burkitt Lymphoma
  • Eosinophilia Panel
  • MPN/Eosinophilia Panel

Results are posted to e.CSI, our cloud-based, easy to use portal, in 2-3 days. All data and images can be viewed without the need to install an application or download bulky files each time a case is signed out. Best of all is the rapid turnaround time. We deliver results quickly so you can provide the professional component and deliver results.

Contact us for a demo of the platform so you can see how easy it is.

Common FISH Tech-Only Tests:

AML Panel 1HGBL/Triple-Hit Panel
AML Panel 2LPL/Waldenstrom Panel
AML Panel 3MALT Panel
AML Panel 4Marginal Zone Panel
AML w/ MonocytosisMCL
B-ALL PanelMCL w/ reflex CLL/SLL Panel
Burkitt LymphomaMDS Panel
CLL/MCL PanelMPN/Eosinphilia
CLL/SLL PanelMPN Panel
CML (BCR-ABL1)Myeloma/PCD Panel
Eosinophilia PanelPML-RARA-Routine
Follicular PanelT-All Panel

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