CSI Laboratories offers an extensive menu of FISH probe panels and individual probes to precisely isolate and identify genetic alterations in solid tumor and hematological neoplasms. Our advanced FISH cancer testing is an invaluable diagnostic tool that can detect and confirm chromosome abnormalities such as deletions, duplications, translocations and other numerical or structural aberrations to diagnose and help predict the best therapeutic approach for cancer patients.

FISH testing can be performed on cultured and uncultured cells. Thus, even if attempts to culture the cells for routine cytogenetics have failed, FISH can be performed to aid in diagnosis by identifying cryptic or variant rearrangements involving specific chromosomes’ loci. Analysis of FFPE tissue samples of breast, lung, and other solid tumors for which companion diagnostics drugs have been developed, helps the oncologists with the selection of the best therapy for their cancer patients.

Multiple Myeloma assessment

Multiple Myeloma assessments utilize a CD138 enrichment process to isolate abnormal plasma cells necessary for FISH testing. This improves the sensitivity of the traditional FISH assay by providing a more concentrated sample of plasma cells, thus helping in the detection of prognostic aberrations in myeloma. Learn more.

At CSI Laboratories, we provide:

  • An extensive probe and panel menu for hematology and solid tumor cases/assays
  • FISH reflex algorithms to guide additional diagnosis and/or prognosis
  • Multiple Myeloma Assessment Protocol (MMAP) for plasma cell neoplasms
  • A comprehensive image gallery with up to 300 images per case for tech-only cases

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