CSI uses 10-color flow cytometry – a sophisticated method for providing diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring of malignancies with a relatively small sample size. With our skilled flow technologists and hematopathologists, we are quickly able to identify emerging abnormalities and perform rare event analysis of patient-specific aberrant immunophenotypes.

As the front line for cancer testing and a key factor in determining downstream testing, CSI Laboratories’ platform is one of the most advanced flow cytometry testing services on the market today. CSI flow provides:

  • An advanced 10-color platform yielding more information per tube
  • Full characterization of low cellularity samples
  • A proprietary panel design for reduced interference of co-expression
  • Viability dye in all tubes to exclude non-viable events for improved analysis
  • Kappa/Lambda combined in a single tube for B-cell abnormalities
  • Client re-gating with FCS Express Reader
  • Expert hematopathology consult services for difficult flow cytometry cases
  • Antibody panel formulations personalized for each case to maximize accurate diagnoses
  • Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH) testing using high sensitivity FLAER-based analysis to diagnose and monitor PNH clones for treatment using eculizumab therapy

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