With a complete array of more than 250 Immunohistochemistry (IHC) antibodies and histochemical stains that serve as a diagnostic resource, CSI Laboratories consistently delivers some of the best stains in the industry. These stains are used to detect the presence, relative quantity, and localization of specific proteins to aid in determining differentiation in neoplasms with similar morphology. In addition to other applications, IHC is used to provide prognostic or therapeutic information.

IHC testing from CSI Laboratories features:

  • An expansive menu of more than 250 tests including single antibodies and cocktails
  • Multiple in-house staining and testing platforms [Ventana, Leica, and Agilent (Dako)] that tailor methodology to each case for the most detailed information
  • Multiple tissue-processing services including formalin fixation, trimming, embedding, sectioning, and slide preparation
  • Image analysis, sharing, and collaboration using Aperio eSlide Manager and ImageScope. Report images and analysis are captured quickly and accurately for integration into reports.
  • IHC cocktails include:
    • Epithelial/Myoepithelial Cocktail (EMEC) consisting of three myoepithelial markers [CK5+CK14+p63 (DAB) plus the cytoplasmic epithelial marker Cytokeratin 7/18 (Red)]
    • The Prostate Triple stain [CK903 + p63 basal cell markers (DAB) plus p540S (AMACR) (Red)]
    • The Pan-Melanoma Cocktail (HMB-45 + Melan A (A103) + Tyrosinase)
    • The kappa/lambda-ISH (dual immunostain)
    • Ki-67/CD138 (dual immunostain)

CSI interpretive IHC testing services provide you a choice of either:

  • Diagnostic consultation – CSI pathologists order clinically relevant tests and issue the final diagnosis.
  • Global interpretation – CSI processes and provides you with interpretation for selected stains.

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