CSI offers a comprehensive menu of both hematopoietic and solid tumor molecular assays for qualitative and quantitative analysis. Our advanced single gene testing, targeted profile molecular assays, and broad-spectrum tumor testing yield clinically actionable data for precise diagnosis and appropriate therapy selection. Our molecular testing services include:

  • A full range of NGS, real time PCR, fragment length analysis and Sanger sequencing
  • Comprehensive in-house hematopoietic and solid tumor test offerings
  • Single gene and full panel testing, plus customizable reflex panels
  • Enhanced microdissection for better sensitivity and fewer instances of QNS

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Molecular Tests
1p19q (LOH)JAK2 - V617F
ABL1 Kinase DomainKIT (GIST)
B-Cell ReceptorKIT (Melanoma)
B-Cell Receptor - IgHKIT D816V
B-Cell Receptor - IgKKIT Exons 8,17
BCL2, t(14;18)KRAS
BCR-ABL1, t(9;22) - QuantitativeMLH1 Hypermethylation
CALRMGMT Promoter Methylation
HPV Genotype Assay - (HR only)PDGFRA (GIST)
HPV Genotype Assay - (LR & HR only)PML-RARA, t(15;17)
HPV Genotype Assay - (16, 18/45)SF3B1 Mutation
IDH1T-CELL Receptor (Beta)
IDH2T-CELL Receptor (Gamma)
IgVH for CLL/IGH Somatic SequencingUGT1A1 Promotor Genotyping
JAK2 - Exon 12
NGS Tests
Hematology Profile, 177 genesLiquid Biopsy, 177 genes
Solid Tumor Profile, 434 Genes (DNA)Solid Tumor Fusion/Expression Profile, 65+ Genes (RNA), NTRK 1/2/3 Fusion