For those tests that have both a professional and technical component (TC/PC) CSI Laboratories offers split services where CSI performs the sample preparation and test processing, and our client pathologists perform the professional interpretation. Our eCSI Client Portal makes managing professional component services a breeze with a clean interface, thoughtfully designed templates, and easy, real-time updates. With intuitive viewing tools and no bulky downloads, CSI’s tech-only platform can help you streamline your case management process.


CSI’s innovative Flow Manager allows pathologists to manage cases online with:

  • Easy-to-view color mapping for abnormal populations, allowing analysis and comparison to normal phenotypes
  • Consistent and comprehensive data for each cell lineage
  • Exceptional visibility and easy re-gating
  • On-screen cut-off ranges and scoring information for both hematopathology and solid tumor cases

Download the FCS reader for Flow Cytometry
Download Tech-Only Flow Cytometry Guide


CSI Laboratories’ FISH Manager platform was designed by our pathologists specifically for our tech-only clients to provide:

  • Superior image rendering to support easier interpretation of signal patterns
  • Intuitive tables and macros for one-click report building
  • A Heme Probe Reference Guide with diagnostic and prognostic information for each signal pattern
  • Reflex algorithms to guide additional testing

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CSI Laboratories provides two different tech-only services using multiple staining platforms:

  • Web-enabled IHC CSI processes stains then uploads slide images to our Aperio ImageScope tool. Clients can analyze and interpret slides, and easily build reports using true-color digital images to pan and zoom, compare stains, annotate areas of interest, and perform image analysis.
  • Slide-only (stain-only) IHC CSI processes the tissues and stains then sends the slides back to the client for interpretation.

Download Aperio ImageScope to view and manage IHC test results.